Your Condo Isn’t Just a Home, It’s a Lifestyle: How To Truly Enjoy Condo Living

What does the condo lifestyle have in store for you? Here's how to really enjoy condo living and benefit from your quaint and cultured community.

There's something unique about condo living. Different from a traditional neighborhood, when you move into a condo you're joining a community.

Not only do you have the opportunity to live and own real estate in some of the most desired locations in the country, but you gain access to countless amenities.

Are you ready to embrace the condo living lifestyle and say good-bye to homeownership?

Keep reading to discover what you can expect and how to make the most of your condo experience.

Location, Location, Location

Condos are located in some of the most beautiful and sought after locations in the world.

Not only are you greeted by breathtaking views, but many condos are located in, or in close proximity to, major cities like San Francisco.

This means you have access to the best restaurants, stores, public transportation, parks, and schools that the city has to offer. If you enjoy being in the thick of the action, you'll love the condo lifestyle.

This buzzing lifestyle is also insanely attractive to renters. If you plan to only use your condo for part of the year, you can easily make a quick buck renting your space to vacationers and other interested parties.

Just be sure to check if the condo has any restrictions or rules surrounding the rental process.


This is one of the main appeals of condo living. Condos, like the Westerly, offer amazing amenities for residents.

You're never too far from all the things you need and want including parking for both your vehicle and bike, co-working spaces, gardens, and spectacular views.

Condo amenities are beneficial for all residents, from retired couples and singles to families with children.

Retired couples and active adults will enjoy access to both indoor and outdoor space where they can socialize and relax. Working adults can take advantage of the condo's co-working space.

Many condos are also built in close proximity to high-ranking school systems.

Pet owners unite! Condo living means bringing your four-legged friend along and utilizing amenities like the Westerly's dog washing station.

Other condos showcase pools, gyms, spas, libraries, and retail stores.

Low-Maintenance Condo Living

One of the main reasons people choose condo living is to eliminate the need for routine home maintenance. This is especially true for older individuals.

Condo living means less worry over things like landscaping, lawn maintenance, home repairs, security, and property management. Less time worrying means more time enjoying life.

Many California homeowners want to enjoy a pool in the summer months minus the maintenance. Condo living gives you access to an Olympic size pool with zero responsibility.

Don't forget, many condos are also located close enough to the ocean to enjoy frequent days on the beach.

Welcome to a carefree way of life!

A Built-In Sense of Community

Don't be fooled into thinking that condo living feels stark or cold. In fact, the opposite is true.

The minute you move into your new condo, you're instantly welcomed into a new community. You'll feel a sense of belonging and unity.

The more involved you become in local activities and organizations, the more friends you'll make. With plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for socializing, you're sure to make fast friends and spot familiar faces.

More and more families are turning to condo living to raise their children. With access to high-ranked public schools nearby, children will love condo living as much as their parents!

The Ability to Downsize

Downsizing is another common reason people opt for condo living. Whether it's retirees looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance option or a newly single adult starting fresh, condos are a perfect choice.

Small in size, many condos range from one to three bedrooms. This allows ample space for visitors or roommates but is still small enough to be manageable.

Owners can entertain friends and family in their efficiently designed space.

Older couples won't feel overwhelmed by more space than they need. This makes the upkeep and cleaning a breeze.

Plenty of Opportunities to Socialize

New to the area and looking to make new friends? Single and ready to mingle? Condo living offers ample opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Both right inside your community and outside the condo grounds, you'll find yourself in the center of the action.

Many condos have planned activities and events for residents. Here you can meet your neighbors and build relationships and friendships.

Do you enjoy traveling? Condo living allows you to simply lock your door and leave without worry.

The maintenance and security are taken care of, leaving you stress-free to travel as near or far as you desire!

Cost-Effective Living

Some people think that with so many features and amenities that condo living must be more expensive than owning a home. This is far from the truth!

In fact, the affordability of condo living is one of its main attractions for both first-time owners and older couples or singles looking to downsize.

The cost of most condos is much lower than a detached home. Many homeowners either pay for lawn maintenance, snow removal, and landscaping or layout big bucks for the equipment needed to perform the job themselves.

In a condo, maintenance is included in your association fees, which are shared with all other unit owners. Because most HOA (home owner's association) fees are a fixed price, it's much easier to predict monthly costs and create a budget.

You're also getting peace of mind since most condominiums are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. Home security systems or cameras like the Ring doorbell are another additional cost that you won't face as a condo owner.

Condo Living is Waiting for You

Are you ready to embrace condo living and all it has to offer?

Whether you're a retired couple looking to downsize, a successful single, or a family, condo living will meet and exceed your needs.

From low-maintenance, low-cost living to ample amenities, the benefits of condo living are abundant.

Contact our professionals today and let's get you into the condo of your dreams today!