Why Buy a New Build vs. Resale Condo

Are you ready to invest in your first condo? Here's why you should buy a new build VS resale condo. Learn about the benefits of a brand new unit.

Congratulations! You've decided to enjoy all the luxuries that condo living has to offer.

Buying a condo is an affordable option for retirees, first-time homeowners, and families.

With countless amenities and close proximity to endless activities, when you move into a condo you're instantly part of a welcoming community.

Are you torn between buying a new build vs resale condo?

Keep reading to discover the many reasons you should invest in a brand new condo to begin your next big adventure!

No Need to Upgrade or Remodel

There's nothing quite as inviting as a new condo. Crisp, clean lines. Brand new cabinets, countertops, and shiny appliances.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people spend money remodeling their homes when they buy older construction?

Why waste time and extra money trying to make your home something you're proud of? When you buy a new build vs resale condo, you're getting the home of your dreams from the start.

A brand new condo also means no damage or blemishes left behind by previous owners. Does the thought of living where someone else did freak you out?

When you purchase a new condo you know exactly what you're getting!


Another perk of purchasing a brand new build is the ability to customize aspects to you're liking.

From cabinets and countertops to light fixtures and flooring, these small accents make a big difference in your condo's overall appearance.

While some upgrades might cost a few extra dollars, having a custom home that fits your taste is priceless. Not to mention, personalizing a resale condo would be even more costly and time-consuming.

New build condos already have hired contractors on hand. Making home renovations down the line means struggling to find a contractor you can trust.

Putting personal touches on a new build condo is convenient and makes it feel more like home.

Designed Using the Latest Trends

Have you ever entered a house that was built in the 80s and instantly knew based on the outdated colors and style?

Why purchase a condo that's stuck in the dark ages when you can buy a brand new one designed using the latest, hottest trends?

New build condos are created with functionality and style in mind. Many offer several floor plan options to accommodate your needs.

Whether you're single, a family with kids, or a retired couple, a new build is sure to deliver with on-trend features and amenities.

More Efficient Building Materials

When it comes to saving money (and the planet) energy-efficient is the way to go. New construction condos are built using more efficient, cost-effective materials.

The energy-efficient materials found in new condos don't just offer initial savings. You'll feel the benefits of reduced heating and cooling bills each month.

From light bulbs to windows, a small investment now turns into big savings down the road.

Another attractive feature of new condos is the introduction of smart technology. From kitchen appliances to security systems, condo living has never been more convenient.

Smart technology appliances allow homeowners to control everything with the touch of a button. With apps downloaded on your smartphone, you can start or stop the laundry, preheat your oven, and change the temperature settings on your fridge.


Buying a new build vs resale condo must be more expensive, right? Wrong!

In fact, buying a new condo will save you money both upfront and long-term.

Material and Design Costs

We already mentioned that you're less likely to renovate or remodel a new condo vs resale. This could save you as much as $15,000 or more right upfront.

Not only that but when builders and developers buy materials, they do so in bulk. That means those marble countertops or high-efficiency appliances you've been dreaming of will come at a reduced price or will be included in the upgrade costs.

In new construction, contractor savings are passed onto you, the homeowner.

Builder Incentives

They say that the early bird gets the worm. When you get in on the ground floor of a new condo build, you'll reap the benefits of discounts and price breaks.

Developers want to sell as many units as possible. And the more they can sell prior to project completion, the better. That puts you in the driver's seat in terms of making a deal and saving money.

Buying pre-construction also puts you in a good position to lock-in a fixed price. That means that regardless of what the market does from the time you sign the contract until closing, you're guaranteed to pay the price you agreed upon.

Flexible Down Payments

The amount you put down on a new build vs resale condo is another place where you can save money.

Brand new builds offer a more flexible down payment structure. You can usually make several, smaller payments over the course of construction. This allows you to save money along the way.

When purchasing a resale condo, the downpayment is often higher, fixed, and required upfront.

Located in Mixed-Use Dynamic Communities

One of the greatest appeals of condo living is the community feel it offers. From countless amenities to proximity to major cities and public transportation, homebuyers are in the hub of activity.

Most new condominiums are being built in mixed-use communities. Here you'll find not only residential buildings but also retail stores, restaurants, and other attractions. You'll never be far from the action when you purchase a new condo.

Some areas resemble entire neighborhoods! The best part is that the condo environment you love is felt throughout the entire community. That means when you buy a new condo build, you're not just purchasing a home but a lifestyle.

The Debate of New Build vs Resale Condo Ends Here

Are you ready to join the condo way of life? If so, you may be debating a new build vs resale condo.

The debate ends here!

With energy-efficient building materials, reduced costs, and the ability to customize your home to your specifications, the answer is clear.

New build condos guarantee you'll move into the home of your dreams in a community you'll love.

Contact one of our professional team members today to discuss your future as the proud owner of a beautiful, new condo!